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Rai Ley

After arriving at Rai Ley beach (one day late) we were elated to find the paradise that we were expecting. It is a beautiful peninsula with 2 beautiful beaches and some of the best rock climbing in the world.

024_24-151.jpg (31862 bytes) The view from the lookout on Rai Ley                      

022_22-151.jpg (31795 bytes) 023_23-151.jpg (28096 bytes)     Ben & Miyuki at the lookout on Rai Ley                      

013_13-151.jpg (21746 bytes)    A beautiful little island of Rai Ley                         

005_5-136.jpg (29764 bytes)    Miyuki putting her head where it doesn't belong

023_23-136.jpg (48074 bytes)     Our neighbour                                                     

009_9-136.jpg (32865 bytes)     Miyuki on Rai Ley east                                           

020_21-106.jpg (39476 bytes)    Ben exploring a lagoon                                       

015_15-151.jpg (20620 bytes)     Miyuki with her new pet crab                              


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