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While we went to Thailand for the climbing, we ended up scuba diving, sea kayaking, hiking, swimming, and of course climbing. Then in Japan we were able to get out one day and have some fun climbing near Miyuki's grandmother's house.

009_9-151.jpg (23612 bytes) 010_10-151.jpg (24351 bytes)      Miyuki paddling into a sea cave            

008_8-151.jpg (23459 bytes)     Ben next to the kayak on Ton Sai beach                                       

016_16-151.jpg (24499 bytes)     Miyuki on the dive boat after our first dive                                     

019_19-136.jpg (18311 bytes)     Miyuki swimming on Phra Nang beach                                            

021_21-136.jpg (41448 bytes)  022_22-136.jpg (36617 bytes)     Ben beach bouldering on Phra Nang beach

006_6-114.jpg (34245 bytes)     Ben on an unknown climb in Okayama, Japan                                

010_10-114.jpg (40766 bytes)     Miyuki's mom at the top of her first climb                                         


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