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On our way back from Thailand we stopped in Japan to visit Miyuki's Family. While there we went to Okayama to visit her grandmother and uncle, saw the sights in Kyoto, spent time with friends, and celebrated our wedding. As much fun as Thailand was there is something special about Japan.

013_13-114.jpg (31124 bytes)  014_14-114.jpg (38454 bytes)    The views from Miyuki's grandmother's house

018_18-114.jpg (49826 bytes)     Ben relaxing in front of some cherry blossoms                                     

019_19-114.jpg (35949 bytes)     Miyuki by the river                                                                              

021_21-114.jpg (51900 bytes)     Miyuki enjoying the cherry blossoms                                                  


Well I guess that's the whole story. We hope that you enjoyed our pictures and our memories. Feel free to come back and look at the pictures as often as you wish. You can also download them and keep some if you want. we hope to see everybody soon.

Ben & Miyuki